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Sending SMS from Mobile using Computer

Tushar Agarwal September 18, 2011

How many times it has been that you want to send SMS to multiple friends, people or group. This kind of a situation arises when you are planning a party, get together, event or want to spread information.

In Android phones you hate to select to many people again and again. Ideally you would want to compose a SMS on your computer and send it through your mobile. We have developed an application for you which does the same – allows you to compose SMS on computer and send them using your Android phones – Simplifying SMS.

Follow 3 simple steps:

  1. Logon to http://www.SimplifyingSMS.com
  2. Compose your SMS and select recipients (you can create and select groups)
  3. Open up Simplifying SMS app on your Android phone and click “Send SMS”. That’s it, you are done !

You can send regular updates, bulk sms, information in just 3 simple steps.

There are two versions of the Android applications available – FREE and PRO.

The FREE one allows you to send 10 SMS/day and that too of 160 characters max.
With PRO version you can send unlimited SMS and of any length.

Some of the screen shots of the android app:

Simplifying SMS