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Firefox 4 now available for download

Tushar Agarwal March 22, 2011

Firefox 4 Release Candidate is now available for download. With competition such as IE9 and Google Chrome 10, does Firefox 4 have some tricks up its sleeve to withstand the competition?

For starters, Firefox 4 comes with a plethora of changes both aesthetically as well as under the hood. The first thing that you will notice is the change in tabs layout and the address bar. It looks a lot neater than its predecessors and has an IE9 feel to it. The tabs are located above the address bar giving them a more visual presence. It is now possible for a user to switch between tabs from the comfort of the address bar itself.

Firefox also helps you stay in sync on multiple devices. You can synchronize your settings, passwords, bookmarks, history, open tabs and other customizations across multiple devices such as your smartphones.

Managing add-ons and organizing your tabs is as simple as drag and drop on Firefox 4.

Firefox 4 claims to be 3-times faster and 6-times improved when compared to Firefox 3.6.12.

Under the hood, Firefox 4 is a beast!! With the new JavaScript engine, not only does the browser render web pages faster, but has also improved upon the startup time. It also includes support for WebM for HD-videos. The latest version also has very fast graphics acceleration with Direct2D and Direct3D on Windows and OpenGL on the Mac. Firefox 4 also supports multi-touch making it an ideal browser for mobile devices.

The download is available at this page – Download Firefox 4 RC


Visual Studio 2010 SP1 Released

Tushar Agarwal December 15, 2010

It would be a partial relief for thousands of developers who have been experiencing problems with Visual Studio 2010. The Visual Studio 2010 SP1 has been released for public now. The reason I am saying that it is a partial relief because it’s a BETA, which means that it isn’t ready for production. Generally products in Beta are quite stable, so I think developers can start using it.

To download the SP1 visit  Microsof’t Website.

What’s in Visual Studio 2010 SP1 Beta ?

Some of the fixes apart from the ones mentioned on the connect website are these:

  • Web Bug Fixes
  • HTML5 Schema Support
  • IIS Express Support

There are many more…


SQL Server – Denali – The next version of SQL Server

Tushar Agarwal December 13, 2010

Microsoft has recently announced the next version of SQL Server 2011. The code name for the product is ‘Denali‘ .

The CTP1 for Denali is available for the download here.

With SQL Server code-named ‘Denali’ customers will benefit from the following added investments:

  • Enhanced mission-critical platform: A highly available and scalable platform designed to with greater flexibility, lower TCO, ease of use, and the performance required by the most mission-critical applications.
  • Developer and IT Productivity: New additional tools will help developers build innovative applications with reduced time-to-market while IT professionals benefit from greater operational control and ease of use.
  • Pervasive Insight: Stunning new managed self-service experiences for end users and holistic data integration and management tools will help deliver consistent, credible data to the right users at the right time.

One of the major enhancements for the programmers would be the support for Ad-hoc Query Paging Implementation.

For more information please visit msdn.