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Firefox 4 now available for download

Tushar Agarwal March 22, 2011

Firefox 4 Release Candidate is now available for download. With competition such as IE9 and Google Chrome 10, does Firefox 4 have some tricks up its sleeve to withstand the competition?

For starters, Firefox 4 comes with a plethora of changes both aesthetically as well as under the hood. The first thing that you will notice is the change in tabs layout and the address bar. It looks a lot neater than its predecessors and has an IE9 feel to it. The tabs are located above the address bar giving them a more visual presence. It is now possible for a user to switch between tabs from the comfort of the address bar itself.

Firefox also helps you stay in sync on multiple devices. You can synchronize your settings, passwords, bookmarks, history, open tabs and other customizations across multiple devices such as your smartphones.

Managing add-ons and organizing your tabs is as simple as drag and drop on Firefox 4.

Firefox 4 claims to be 3-times faster and 6-times improved when compared to Firefox 3.6.12.

Under the hood, Firefox 4 is a beast!! With the new JavaScript engine, not only does the browser render web pages faster, but has also improved upon the startup time. It also includes support for WebM for HD-videos. The latest version also has very fast graphics acceleration with Direct2D and Direct3D on Windows and OpenGL on the Mac. Firefox 4 also supports multi-touch making it an ideal browser for mobile devices.

The download is available at this page – Download Firefox 4 RC


Groupon Expands Into India, Israel, South Africa

Tushar Agarwal January 12, 2011

Groupon Inc. said Tuesday it has expanded to India, Israel and South Africa by acquiring fellow online-coupon discount sites in those countries.

Closely held Groupon has been rapidly expanding by persuading local businesses to spend money online to attract customers. Its model has caught on in part because merchants don’t pay for marketing until they get a customer in the door.

It entered the new markets by acquiring deal sites SoSasta, Grouper and Twangoo. It didn’t give terms of the deals. The expansion comes as investors of all stripes have sought access to emerging markets, which are seen as being poised for quicker growth than the developed world.

Tuesday’s announcement follows the company saying Monday it completed a $950 million round of funding from backers including Mail.ru Group and venture-capital firm Andreessen Horowitz. The funding came shortly after it reportedly walked away from an acquisition offer from Google Inc. worth as much as $6 billion.

Read more: http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052748703791904576075471994766438.html#ixzz1An2l8UYl


Yahoo plans to shudown couple of services !!!

Tushar Agarwal December 21, 2010

As yahoo plans to shut down couple of services, people have started migrating their data from yahoo. In a news statement, Yahoo mentioned that it will be turning off the following services:

1. Delicious – the famous social bookmarking website
2. HotJobs.com – a job portal
3. Geocities
4. Broadcast.com
5. Musicmatch Jukebox

I hope Yahoo does well in the other sections. Yahoo has also sold it’s search arm to Microsoft and soon it will be completely taken over by Microsoft’s search arm – Bing.com


Save paper by adopting to WWF

Tushar Agarwal December 15, 2010

You must have read at the end of various emails “Please  think before you print this email”. But many of go ahead and just print them. Every paper you print costs a tree somewhere in the world.

To protect the trees and environment, World Wildlife Fund has come up with a new document type – WWF. This document format is similar to PDF but it doesn’t give you the option to print the document. You can use this document as you use your PDF file, with the limitation that you won’t be able to print it.

Currently the software for creating the WWF documents is available for Mac only, but will be soon rolled out for Windows as well.

I would appreciate if you also start using WWF documents.


For more information visit http://www.saveaswwf.com/en/



Microsoft to Show Off Windows 7 Slider Tablet at CES

Tushar Agarwal December 15, 2010

Steve Ballmer, Mircosoft’s CEO, will be demonstrating tablet PC running Windows 7. The New York Times reported this in a blog post.

The Times didn’t name its source, but the person described the Samsung slate device as “similar in size and shape” to the Apple iPad, but “not as thin.” The slide-out keyboard is said to be “unique” and “slick.” Given that description, the mystery tablet is nothing like the Samsung Galaxy Tab, which has a 7-inch screen (the iPad’s is 10 inches) and no sliding keyboard.

Ballmer will show more slates from Dell and other manufacturers, according to the report. The devices will run Windows 7, though holding them in portrait mode with the keyboard sheathed will activate a “layered” interface. Similar to the announced BlackBerry PlayBook, the new machines are said to be aimed primarily at business users, an audience generally thought to be underserved by the iPad.

The Times report cited one source who suggested Microsoft could even show a tablet running Windows 8, though that appears unlikely. It’s possible that Microsoft will show the devices running a variant of Windows 7 or Windows Phone 7 — one that’s tailored to work with slate devices, similar to the tablet-specific version of Android dubbed “Honeycomb.” Ballmer alluded to such a move in the summer when he said, “We’re working with our hardware partners. We’re tuning Windows 7 to new slate hardware designs that they’re bringing them to market.”

Microsoft is said to be encouraging manufacturers to write apps for the new slate machines in HTML5. The apps won’t be sold in the Zune Marketplace or any other app store, the Times said. Instead, software partners will host the apps on their own websites.


Windows Phone 7 now available in US

Tushar Agarwal December 11, 2010

Windows Phone 7 is now available at AT&T and T-Mobile retailers across the United States. The launch was on Nov 8, 2010. The app market already has more than 2000 apps and games. Lets see if Windows Phone 7 can wave a band of magic for Microsoft. The details are available here.