SQL Server – Denali – The next version of SQL Server

Tushar Agarwal December 13, 2010

Microsoft has recently announced the next version of SQL Server 2011. The code name for the product is ‘Denali‘ .

The CTP1 for Denali is available for the download here.

With SQL Server code-named ‘Denali’ customers will benefit from the following added investments:

  • Enhanced mission-critical platform: A highly available and scalable platform designed to with greater flexibility, lower TCO, ease of use, and the performance required by the most mission-critical applications.
  • Developer and IT Productivity: New additional tools will help developers build innovative applications with reduced time-to-market while IT professionals benefit from greater operational control and ease of use.
  • Pervasive Insight: Stunning new managed self-service experiences for end users and holistic data integration and management tools will help deliver consistent, credible data to the right users at the right time.

One of the major enhancements for the programmers would be the support for Ad-hoc Query Paging Implementation.

For more information please visit msdn.


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